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Romantic opera for children and adults

MARIANGELES SÁNCHEZ BENIMELI, professional in the music world, dedicated to her from an early age, is a bearer of our culture beyond our borders.

Composer, musicologist and musician, born in Valencia, studied at the Conservatoire Superior of this city, parallel with the Baccalaureate, where she earned a final prize.

As a COMPOSER, she studied composition with Walter Jentsch, in Berlin 1972-76-. Mariangeles Sánchez Benimeli is notable for having reached her own musical language. In her compositions, draw various stylistic possibilities and varied techniques, expressed with a variety of rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic resources; all done through a very intuitive, Mediterranean spirit. “In all of them you can always hear a luminous and inspired, dominant melody on all the other musical elements that revolve around it”. –Angeles Arazo- Las Provincias.

Her work covers wide variety of instrumental means, in which all of them she transmits a strong communicative musical character.

HER COMPOSITIONS fits order for Instruments solo: Guitar, Alt Saxophone in E-flat, Oboe, Flute, Clarinet in B-flat and Piano, Chamber Music: Organ, Guitar; Alt Saxophone, Guitar; Soprano Saxophone B-flat and Guitar; Clarinet in B-flat and Guitar; Clarinet in B-flat and Percussion; Quintet for strings and Guitar; Double bass and Guitar; Piano and Guitar; Alt Saxophone E-flat and Harp; Trio of wind; Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Guitar; Mixed Choir with Baritone, Bandurria, Mandolin, Lute, Guitar, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet in B-flat, Timpani and Drum; Clarinet in B-flat, Piano and Guitar, Orchestra of camera, Guitar; Symphony Orchestra with Choir and Organ; Opera: AMANDA, (2007) romantic Opera for children and adults, being the plot and libretto written by Mariangeles Sánchez Benimeli, (in German and Spanish)
Various publishers; Piles-Valencia, Ries & Erler-Berlin, Aphaia-Berlin edited her works. The Ries & Erler-Berlín publisher has just released her “EVOCATION to the Clarinet” for Clarinet in B-flat and Percussion and ARIETTE for Clarinet in B-flat and Piano and Editorial Piles-Valencia, PATER NOSTER for Symphonic Orchestra, Choir and Organ.

As a GUITARIST, she was led by Rafael Balaguer in Conservatory of Valencia. At the end of her studies she was invited by Narciso Yepes to continue studying with him, in Madrid. During her stay in this city, she was awarded with a scholarship by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to attend lectures from Andrés Segovia and Gaspar Cassadó, in Santiago de Compostela. The same Ministry granted her a Professorship to practice at the “Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique” of Cairo, Egypt. Later, she obtained a scholarship in Accademia Musicale Chigiana, Siena Italy, which allowed her to further study with Andrés Segovia. At the Accademia Chigiana also attended Emilio Pujol classes; Vihuela and its Tablature.

She began her career at international level in Paris. She alternated for some time this city with Berlin, where she attended courses on the Renaissance lute and its Tablature with which she recorded at the Berlin Radio. In 1973 she was the main founder of a Chair guitar in the University of the Art from Berlin; for this she was invited to perform in front of a jury made up of soloists of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Since then, Mariángeles Sánchez Benimeli lived in this city, where she alternated her artistic career with teaching, the latter, at the Berlin Art University, where she was teaching the following subjects: Musical analysis, interpretation, musical forms and instrumental technique applied to classical guitar and chamber music. In addition to this, in 1974 she founded a Chair of guitar in the Superior pedagogical school of Berlin.

As interpreter she has been almost invited all over Europe, Brazil, South Korea… having been received successfully by the public and the press – “interpretation magnificent, beautiful version and great cleanliness of the Arab Capricho de Francisco Tárrega”, “with I. Albéniz, interpretation, expressive, musical, came to the maximum”, “also the gentle valencian author gets an especial aesthetic counterpoint in her beautiful clean and study the Nocturne in D”, “an extraordinary concert with her compositions for guitar and organ Duo. As composer and guitarist she has place this duo, with great nobility, to the same height as the others duos.”

In Spain, she has performed in such prestigious halls as the Palau de la Música, Valencia; Teatro Real, Madrid; Teatro Principal, Victoria; Castle of Santa Bárbara, Alicante... She has released a broad repertoire of works written for her, by contemporary composers. She has formed various duets, with the cellists Enrique Correa (ONE) and Christoph Kapler (OFB); percussionists Ismael Castelló (ONE), M. Rosenthal (DOB) and Katsunori Nishimura; with the harpsichordist Genoveva Gálvez; with the singers Silvia Gröschke and Maria Teresa Reinoso (DOB); with flautist Frank Nagel, with the violinist Rafael Periáñez (ONE)... Nowadays she is part of the organ and guitar duo with organist Prof. Torsten Laux (HfMD).

She has recorded with EMI Electrola and Rhythmuston Berlin. More recently, in 2006-07, with Picaromedia, Berlin and with primTON, Berlin in 2012-2013.

Trujamán Cultural Association has unanimously awarded in 2013, Mariangeles Sánchez Benimeli, for her artistic career, with “Guitar Trujamán Award", at the XI International Conference on Guitar celebrated in Valencia.

As a MUSICOLOGIST, Mariangeles Sánchez Benimeli studied MUSICOLOGY with Prof. Dr. Carl Dahlhaus, at the Technische Universität Berlin. The publishers Piles-Valencia, and “Institute Alfons Magnanim”, Valencia will have edited musicological works. She has given numerous conferences in Berlin about the Spanish Renaissance; -The Vihuela and their teachers: Alonso Mudarra, Luys de Narváez, Enriquez Valderrábano and the Valencian Luys Milan...- In Berlin, she has released, as well, “Cantigas of Alfonso X the Wise”, having planned for this concert, the 40 illuminations printed in the book of the Cantigas of the Monastery of el Escorial.

Mariángeles Sánchez Benimeli has ceased in the University of art, Berlin being devoted entirely to the composition and the work of interpreter. The works that she is composing are: TANZANERA, Opera buffa, and young concert for Piano and Orchestra.

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Mariangeles Sánchez Benimeli, left us on April 15, 2014

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